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    Liaoning Gold Anchor Industrial Co.,Ltd
    About us

    Liaoning Gold Anchor Industrial Co.,Ltd was founded in 1965 with register capital of RMB 24.55 million Yuan. Our total assets are RMB 130 million Yuan. It covers an area of 66,000 square meters and a construction area of 23,000 square meters. Currently, there are 316 employees, including 57 technical people. It is domestic large scale manufacturing enterprise of electric light source material. It is located in Yingkou City of Liaoning Province. And it has wholly-owned subsidiaries of Foshan OUPU Electric Light Source Material Co., Ltd., Yingkou Sanhe Electric Appliance Material Co., Ltd., Yingkou Jinmao Electric Light Source Material Research Co., Ltd., Yingkou Sanhe Agricultural Technology and Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Light Source Products Direct-sale Store.

    In recent years, our company implements multi-business development strategy to meet customer requirements. We extend our industrial chain towards downstream of light source materials. Nowadays, we have YKJML self-owned brand. Meanwhile, we manufacture paster for domestic famous illumination enterprise.

    Products we manufactured:

    1. Light source products
    1. self-owned brand YKJML series light source

    lamp bulb, tube, ceiling lamp

    2) SHILIN series light source

    LED economical type bulb series, LED ceramics crystal bulb series, LED aluminum plastic bulb series, LED T8/T5 straight pipe series, LED ceiling lamp, LED energy saving lamp series, filament lamp and

    3).FSL series light source

    Wade jade series LED bulb, precision work series PAR lamp, microwave interaction series LED modulator tube, G4/G9 refrigerator lamp, Dajia II generation ceiling lamp, LED support, electronic energy saving lamp, ECO30 bulb

    1. fluorescent powder

    Calcium Halo Phosphate Fluorescent Powder, rare earth trichromatic phosphor, LED fluorescent powder, zinc silicate fluorescent powder

    We sincerely welcome wide friends to visit us and negotiate on possible cooperation. All our staffs will serve you wholeheartedly.